Free Book Giveaway: For Healthcare Solution Provider Executives Responsible For Sales Growth of Their Organization

In Getting to the Decision Maker, you’ll discover answers to many myths believed by Healthcare Solutions Provider Executives Responsible for sales growth, including:

Why strategic partners might not always be the best option and the misnomers that are associated with the indirect sales model. (Page 17)

How the cycle of chasing deals puts you into a holding pattern. (Page 46)

How to determine where you stand on the ladder rung of being an authority that's trusted in a healthcare environment that doesn't have much to begin with. (Page 70)

Get clear on the exact blockages holding you back from navigating the complex healthcare environment to get you the results you really deserve. (page 88)

How to properly leverage social media to create authority positioning amongst your potential clients, eliminating resistance throughout the sales process. (Page 93)

Why joining special boards doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get more business beating a path towards your door. (Page 39)

Is this book right for me?

If you truly have a desire to get to your ultimate decision maker and to experience the dream of zero resistance in your sales process, then this book will be the one book that will put you back into the drivers seat & change your life.

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  • Do you find yourself swimming in the sea of sameness?
  • Struggling to move deals ahead that originally showed promised and then suddenly went cold?
  • What's the core problem your solution solves? 
  • Where does it stack up on the Problem Priority Scale and will your customers buy it?
  • Are you ready for the huge wave of change looming on the healthcare solutions horizon and a lot of potential competition? 

What can I expect?

Buyers will be picking and choosing only the best solutions.

… AND there’s a lot more to Getting to a Decision Maker Strategy than a clever product or service to grab their attention. 

You’ve worked hard for years building your solution. You know how much value you’ve created and it’s worth plenty to someone who can take it and implement it into their healthcare organization.

The question is – how do you even start thinking about your navigating the complexities of healthcare to get your message to the right people when the market is littered with "noise" coming from every direction?

The gap between the idea of selling your solution– or creating any sort of plan – and actually getting the deal on the table on your terms and at the time you want – can be very wide and very deep.

This is the exact reason I wrote… Getting to the Decision Maker

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"Michael Stamatinos offers a unique twist on the myths associated with getting the decision maker and how virtually any executive responsible for sales growth can leverage these tools for growing your business in a reliable, predictable way.”

John Wright, CEO John Wright Unlimited

Michael Stamatinos

CEO - Omorfi, Inc. 

The Most Sought Out Private Advisor To Healthcare Solution Provider Executives Responsible For Sales Growth 

About the Author

Michael Stamatinos is the most sought out private advisor to emerging healthcare solution provider executives responsible for the sales growth of their organization. 

Michael has completely redefined how to create a deep level of trust in the sales process, especially in the healthcare industry, which is notorious for having little to none.

His unique approach is as such where “chasing” prospects in order to get to a decision never has to happen again. 

Michael’s exclusive Private Client Group, where he works one-on-one with ambitious healthcare companies to completely eliminate friction from their sales process, continues to have a growing waiting list of applicants.