Attention: Healthcare Solutions Providers Tired Of Chasing The Next Sale

Creating A Pipeline of "Profitable Clients" No Longer Has To Be Random - What If We Could Bring You Clients Without Having To "Chase" Again?

From The Desk of Michael Stamatinos
Chicago, IL

Dear Friend,

As the “rain maker” for your business, you probably know selling, as we know it has fundamentally shifted in the last few years.
No longer are your potential clients going to want to spend money with you if they sense you have a hidden agenda to make a sale.
Every time you attempt to move your potential client closer to buying your solution, you run the risk of losing the relationship (and the sale) because they can “feel” your sales process. When this happens, you end up “chasing” potential clients leaving you with opportunities that never seem to close.
Can you relate to that situation in some way?
What I know for sure is, how you’ve been selling up to this point, won’t be how you will take your sales results to the next level in 2016 and beyond.  (If this sounds presumptuous on my part, please give me a moment to explain.)
Acquiring clients in 2016 and beyond is going to be much tougher than it has been in the past.
Why?  The perceived commoditization of most businesses has reached such a feverish pitch, even to the extent that potential clients you are selling to are going to be much more skeptical of your selling agenda, regardless of your honesty and good-hearted intention of having their best interest in mind.
Trust in the business world has never been at such a low point as it is today (we have plenty of data to back that up).
Most Business Owners & Professionals are frantically doing what I call “random selling”…meaning everything they are “supposed” to do to feel like they are doing the best they can (i.e.: social media (not targeted lead generation), content publication (like everyone else), networking (not predictable, leveraged, scalable or systematic, and hiring new sales staff (huge fixed cost investment when they don’t bring in new business).
Put simply:  If you plan on selling and marketing next year, the same way you did this year, the results you can expect to achieve will most likely be less than this year.
If my message resonates with you, then, if you’re open to it, it might make sense for us to have a private conversation about how you plan to grow your client base. 
We’ve developed a proprietary model for how to engage a new client from a position of authority and trust, then transitioning them into a paying client, all without resistance and without hiring new staff. 
Enough from me…
With respect, I’m offering for a limited time, at little cost to you, a simple way for us to begin a conversation together (one on one) in the next couple of weeks to see if we may be a potential fit to help your business grow significantly.
If you’re open minded and serious about making this the year that your business grows exponentially, I’d encourage you to apply for your GROWTH CLARITY CONSULTATION with me, all the details are below:
Perhaps it might make sense for you and I to have a private conversation together about your specific sales growth “blockages” and goals.
1. The first thing I’m going to do for you is to personally help you create your Sales Growth Blueprint to bring you immediate Sales Leads
2. Next, we are going to uncover the hidden sales blockages in your current lead generation & sales process that is putting you in a position of having to chase prospects that are not turning into paid clients.
3. Then we are going to map out a trust-based lead generation & sales process that positions you as an authority in your industry so your business doesn’t get commoditized over time and you can be seen as the #1 choice and dominate the niche you operate in or want to move into.
Thank you for being open minded and taking this seriously…hope we get the chance to meet personally.

To your success,

Michael Stamatinos