The Simple Formula to Easily Communicate with Spirits

Have you ever wondered if a loved one who has passed on is trying to send you a message, but you felt like you were missing the signals? Have you ever wondered how a Medium connects and actually communicates with spirits on the other side? Do you think you may have a special ability to communicate with spirit, but lack the confidence or tools to create a reliable connection?

This home study program has been created from many years of personal experience, and it's been compiled into easy to take in videos and guided meditations to set you up for success!

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Ashley will impart the skills and specific techniques to enhance your abilities to communicate with spirits as well as share how to become an Evidential Medium. This type of Mediumship allows you to come up with evedence and proof that shows there is life beyond death. As a participant in this course, you will walk away with useful downloadable exercises to continue practicing and developing from your home at your own pace.

“Ashley is a truly gifted healer with a unique ability to see and sense energies beyond what others typically perceive. Her positive energy is undeniable, while her passion and professionalism clearly shine through. Ashley is an asset to anyone seeking healing with their physical, mental, spiritual, and/or emotional selves.” -Vernon

I had a mediumship session with Ashley, and I had no idea what I would experience. I was surprised to experience something so rich and healing. And I truly enjoyed the session. It was an honor to experience Ashley’s talent for connecting with spirits and I was comforted by her ability to promote an atmosphere where I felt at ease. Not only was it a fascinating enjoyable experience, it has impacted my life for the better. I feel more at ease with life beyond death and re-engaging with my own spiritual journey.-Kelly

What Exactly Will I Be Receiving?

What Exactly is Mediumship?
Three Essentials to Mediumship
Understanding Discernment
The Different Types of Mediumship
What are the Six Clairs? (ie. Clairvoyance)
Who Is Your Gatekeeper Guide?
How Do I Know if a Spirit is With Me?
How to Use the CERT Method
The Ethics of Mediumship
How to Test Energy & Talk To Spirits

Ground Yourself Before a Reading
Exercise to Increase Your "Clairs"
Meet Your Gatekeeper Guide
Strengthen Your Psychic Sight & Remove Blocks
Self Esteem & Confidence Booster
Strengthen Your Mind & Remove Ego
Exercise to Contact a Spirit for a Message
Setting Up a Sacred Space for Contact
Contact a Deceased
Loved One in Enchanted Forest
Star Gateway to Receive Evidential Message from Spirit

How Do I Know if This is Right for Me?

This course is primarily dedicated to working with beginner and intermediate level participants. Ashley starts by covering all the basic groundwork to give you a solid foundation to begin. If you have no experince, you are in good hands and you'll feel comfortable that the material will allow you to start from the beginning. If you already have been communicating and would like to sharpen and grow your skills, Ashley also offers more advanced techniques for you to challenge yourself and increase your ability from whatever level you're entering the course.

About Ashley Stmatinos, RMT, BF

Ashley is the #1 Bestselling co-author of multiple books, including The Energy of Expansion and The Energy of Healing. She has also been interviewed on TV multiple times. She is considered the "Empath Expert" and is the founder and CEO of Omorfi Healing. Her hats include Medium, Speaker, Master Teacher, Master Healer and she is a Mom (her child sees spirits too).

“I love communicating with the other side! It's a fascinating part of my every day life, and I can teach you how to increase your skills in a way that's easy and effective. I approach everything I offer with a fun and practical approach. I bring "normal" to spirit communication. This course will teach you the best and easiest practices to increase your natural mediumistic ability. I invite you to join me and allow me to be your guide as you step into this incredible world of spirit communication. See you on the inside!”